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Topic: Microcosms

Microcosms (cosmsna.mpg) by Neil Alexander
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Death to Rusty! (death.mpg) by John VanSickle
Description: death.txt
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Comments: death.comments
PinDrop The Universe on the head of a pin. (pindrop.mpg) by Mike Norton
Description: pindrop.txt
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Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention: Artistic Merit (6)
Scientists discover the mechanics of the atom. (atom.mpg) by Mike Weber
Description: atom.txt
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Comments: atom.comments
Honorable Mention: Technical Merit (5)
Pop!, or Positively No Food or Drink in the Lab (pop1.mpg) by Greg M. Johnson
Description: pop1.txt
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Comments: pop1.comments
Honorable Mention: Concept, Originality, Interpretation of Theme (3)
Mathematics of Scale (amgmos.mpg) by Aaron Gage
Description: amgmos.txt
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Comments: amgmos.comments

The Honorable Mention designees are selected from the highest-rated entry in each of the three rating categories which was not otherwise recognized. The number in parentheses in the title bar is that entry's overall rank in that category.

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